Bloomington ,Indiana

About: SKM Tibetan combat system, Taoist and Chinese healing/ martial arts. 50 years training in all phases (combat, weapons, healing, etc.) of martial training originating from Tibet and China. website: To contact me for a friendly chat:


Dillon J

Westminster ,Colorado



peter bradley

ballarat ,Georgia

About: i have done many styles including kyokushin -- ninjitsu---- cravmarga and some tactical training-----private security


Mike T

New York ,New York

About: Looking to fight or grapple. Any bare knuckle fighters out there?


Allan Chambers

Council Bluffs ,Iowa



Emeritus Prime

Cincinnati ,Ohio



Jeffery Davis

Cookeville ,Tennessee



Matthew j

Wausau ,Wisconsin

About: Looking to further my training and have fun.



San Antonio ,Texas



Scott Johnson


About: 26 years studying multiple styles



Westwego ,Louisiana

About: I've trained in the style of Ninjusu sense I was 6 years of age and want to start a dojo


Michael Slater

Macduff ,Aberdeenshire



Bernie miller

Colchester ,Vermont



Ben Allen

Delta ,Ohio

About: I'm looking for training partner. I have my own gym.


Alex Parker

Cincinnati ,Ohio

About: I have always loved Martial arts , it is a life long passion of mine . I believe everyone should learn a Martial art at some point just for the experience.


Dragos Voiculescu

London ,London

About: I am afraid to spar.


Van Dugan

San Rafael ,California

About: I am 11 years old and I am in the sixth grade at St Patrick's School in Larkspur California. I can not wait to start learning Kung Fu so it would be awesome if I could get a trainer. I have not started martial arts yet. If you are interested in coaching me send me how much you require to be paid and also send me your information. Thank You.



Palmetto ,Florida

About: Truth over beliefs


David Shepherd

Hudson ,Massachusetts



Dee Crawford

Belfast ,Co'down

About: I had trained in diffrent Martial arts from early teenager till Adulthood. Have graded in these arts untill I found it time to move on as in recent times the martial arts have become very money oriented. I now train alone & also work highly in Meditation on a higher consciouness than the normal Teacher. I also am skilled in weapons (Sai. Sword.). The belts I hold are Teakowndo..Blue belt/ Karate..Green belt /Shotokan Karate..Green belt/ Kung Fu..4th grading rank.


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