Raymond Aldaz

Tucson ,Arizona

About: Looking for Fights and Promoters


Anthony Fusco

Norwalk ,Connecticut



Mario Cavett

Pine Bluff ,Arkansas

About: At the age of 12 I began studying Sumo Wrestling from books I would get at the public Library. I was able to use the principles and Martial Art of Sumo as a Football Player. Culminating in my Letterman Award and I was presented with my Letterman Jacket as a 12th Grader. I began playing football at the age of seven learning the techniques I would combine with Sumo Wrestling at the age of 12. As a Football Player I played the nose guard position, offensive guard and tackle.



Bloomington ,Indiana

About: SKM Tibetan combat system, Taoist and Chinese healing/ martial arts. 50 years training in all phases (combat, weapons, healing, etc.) of martial training originating from Tibet and China. website: skmgateway.substack.com To contact me for a friendly chat: serengeti41@hotmail.com


Dillon J

Westminster ,Colorado



peter bradley

ballarat ,Georgia

About: i have done many styles including kyokushin -- ninjitsu---- cravmarga and some tactical training-----private security


Mike T

New York ,New York

About: Looking to fight or grapple. Any bare knuckle fighters out there?


Allan Chambers

Council Bluffs ,Iowa



Emeritus Prime

Cincinnati ,Ohio



Jeffery Davis

Cookeville ,Tennessee



Matthew j

Wausau ,Wisconsin

About: Looking to further my training and have fun.



San Antonio ,Texas



Scott Johnson


About: 26 years studying multiple styles



Westwego ,Louisiana

About: I've trained in the style of Ninjusu sense I was 6 years of age and want to start a dojo


Michael Slater

Macduff ,Aberdeenshire



Bernie miller

Colchester ,Vermont



Ben Allen

Delta ,Ohio

About: I'm looking for training partner. I have my own gym.


Alex Parker

Cincinnati ,Ohio

About: I have always loved Martial arts , it is a life long passion of mine . I believe everyone should learn a Martial art at some point just for the experience.


Dragos Voiculescu

London ,London

About: I am afraid to spar.


Van Dugan

San Rafael ,California

About: I am 11 years old and I am in the sixth grade at St Patrick's School in Larkspur California. I can not wait to start learning Kung Fu so it would be awesome if I could get a trainer. I have not started martial arts yet. If you are interested in coaching me send me how much you require to be paid and also send me your information. Thank You.


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