About Us


DUX Match-Up was co-founded by Frank W. Dux to provide martial artists everywhere a platform that could help them grow and succeed. 

Frank Dux became a household name after the release of the cult movie Bloodsport, which was based on Frank's life, and launched the career of lead actor Jean-Claude Van Damme. Frank has been a pioneer in the field of mixed martial arts, winning awards and breaking records along the way, and helping popularize it around the world. Frank is also a world-class coach, having coached and produced many mixed martial arts champions at the regional, national and international levels.

Frank Dux’s talent and skills also led him into the field of covert operations, where he trained and consulted with police, military and intelligence units around the world on combat strategies and tactics during covert operations. Frank remains active on the martial arts circuit, mentoring and coaching up-and-coming artists, and speaking at conferences and events around the world.

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